Cant log in

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06-04-2006 06:32:56

Well i was just approved a few days ago for my videoipod acct i go to log in and i cant get it. i already placed my order. iw anted to check on status. i forgot the ship date. i tried to reset my pw but the email doesnt go thru to aol. can support please help me. i submitted a ticket on the site already. i want to get this fixed ASAP cause im worried someone stole my acct. and changed the address to theirs. and once the gift is shipped im gonna be told u cant do anything about it.


07-04-2006 13:56:13

can u please help me i sent 2 support tickets and an pm on this forum. i realy need to get this fixed ASAP because if someone stole my acct and shipped the gift to their house there is going to be nothing u can do once they have the ipod.

my password canno be reset fo some reason the email never comes to me