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05-04-2006 16:10:01


heres the deal.

Well when i was surfin for offers to complete when i was doin YFVI (2/25), i clicked the cortiban offer just to see what it was, i ended up doin something else. Well anyways, now on my 360s account, i decided to do the cortiban offer, and trainn has credited me on my YFVI account. I emailed them about this situation, and they responded that they don't transfer credits, WTF. Anyways click date on YFVI was 2/25 and on 360 was 4/3. WTF is the deal. shock x evil


05-04-2006 16:22:06

Sounds like a cookie crossup. It happens. Everybody should probably get in the habit of clearing cookies every time they go to one of these sites. I don't, however, because I depend on a lot of cookies from other sites. So far I've been okay...


05-04-2006 16:33:10

NM guys,

Trainn hooked me up, maybe they saw this post


05-04-2006 17:48:35

Well even though it is crap, according to their policy I think you're supposed to clear your cookies right before you do it unless I'm thinking of FreePay - but congrats on getting it transfered.

Crouching Tiger Hidden Ga

05-04-2006 18:19:30

happened to me and they transfered it thanks trainn!