About DesktopComputer4Free's Paypal option

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unknown uchiha

04-04-2006 19:43:02

I realized that for twelve referrlas on DesktopComputer4Free, you get a payout of $500 Paypal.

However, on FlashiPods the payout for five referrals is $250 Paypal.

What happened to the other $100? O_O


04-04-2006 20:09:36

There are no global tiers used. Each site's compensation level is based on the expectations of the sites user activity.



04-04-2006 20:09:42

Well, I don't think they have a set pricing, 10 refs on DVDRecorders4Free is $400, which is about $40/ref. shrug

EDIT Alan beat me to it. D

unknown uchiha

04-04-2006 22:07:01

Ah, I see. Thanks for explaining =)