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03-04-2006 22:45:55

if you do their free 24 hour offer, do you still get credit from trainn?


03-04-2006 23:53:31

Yes, that is eligible for credit.


05-04-2006 09:59:35

for a point of reference, i did this offer for a trainn site 2 weeks ago and it look a little less than a week to green.


05-04-2006 11:32:42

Too badf I did this offer, got chard a buck, nmever got a confirmation email, never got credit, emailed them and never got a response.


05-04-2006 11:42:23

I did Driving4Dollars a while ago and still no credit. Ugh.. I want GRAW!


07-04-2006 22:38:47

I've done both for two TRAINN sites. Did one day trial. Credit for driving4dollars came through the same day, and freebidding the day after signing up. Good sites, no hassle, no unexpected charges so far.


08-04-2006 10:56:58

I did freebidding and driving4dollars for two Trainn sites and didn't receive credit right away. I filed for missing credit as soon as I could (7 days) and received credit for both sites only 2 days later.


10-04-2006 19:28:41

wierd, I signed up for those companies trials as well and got credited in less than 24hours on one and like 36 hours for the other, and they each only cost a buck. I recommend


08-05-2006 21:55:47

i got credited instantly on freebidding and the green went through approval fine

unknown uchiha

08-05-2006 22:26:54

Those offers are fun to do, though the "trial "doesn't give you full access... <3 the Poker Expert one =P


09-05-2006 00:49:12

Trainn sites dont even have these offers anymore do they?


09-05-2006 03:37:45

no i don't think they have those offers anymore...though they were the cheapest and easiest to complete )