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31-03-2006 17:53:20

Lately, the people who have signed up under me have both had to submit for manual credit on offers that shouldn't have taken that long. One I got credit for and the other I am still waiting and have been for quite some time now. I was just wondering what offers were actually crediting quickly that you people have done, that way I don't have to worry about it taking so long or not crediting. I have never had this problem before with TRAINN but for some reason, one of my referrals did the driving4dollars offer and he had to submit for manual credit, the other referral did the offer and had to submit for manual credit and I have yet to receive credit. I have done both of those offers and they credited quickly when I did them.

Just post the offer you did and the length of time. Thanks


31-03-2006 20:20:20

The Winning Cash Flow and Blockbuster both credit instant for every one who has done them for me as well as myself.


31-03-2006 20:43:21

Preferred Home Network - 1 Day
Skill Jam - 1 Day
Freebidding - 1 Day - 1 Day
Earthlink - 3 Days
FreeServers - 4 Days so far, still no credit
PC Safety Plus - 4 Days so far, still no credit

I was thinking about doing Winning Cash Flow. Is it a good offer?


01-04-2006 00:15:43

onlingo took only 1 or 2 days


01-04-2006 13:19:01

Winning Cash Flow is about like Video Prof as an offer. The service I found not to be useful at all, unless your interested in buying and selling morgages for profit that is what it is.


01-04-2006 17:33:53 credited fast for one of my refs, but my other one did it a few days ago and still hasn't credited.

01-04-2006 17:52:49

I've seen the following credit instantly for me and my referrals
The Video Professor (don't know if thats still good - I had to fight for manual credit but one of my referrals got instant credit)

I hope that helps )


04-04-2006 06:05:25

I've been waiting on a tickle offer for 6 days now...the free trial is only 7 days then they charge you $20... \

Blockbuster was super instant!!
I barely had time to blink before I had my credit.


12-04-2006 21:29:09

I just did Ancestry and it was super fast.