Longer Average time for green?

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28-03-2006 18:32:47

I posted a similar thread in the FreePay forum about the average amount of time to go green. I don't know if it's just me but it's been a lot longer for me on Trainn as well. I am completing FlashIpods and 5 out of 6 of my refs have yet to turn green and they all completed their offer more than a week ago.

How has your experience been?


28-03-2006 18:56:20

The credits are updated (automatically) when they are reported to us. If it doesn't credit, that indicates that it has not been reported to us.



29-03-2006 09:32:18

Right ... but when it's not just me ... then there may be something wrong with the automatic system. All 5 of my referrals from last week required manual crediting. An offer I did for 3604free has not either.

And it doesn't look like I'm the only one.

Thanks Alan


29-03-2006 12:47:23

There is nothing wrong with it, if it doesn't credit to your account, it hasn't been reported to us (and I'm sure that is the same reason with Freepay as well).

The only recourse is to file a missing credit request and as long as the requirements have been met, we will be able to verify the sign-up and credit the account.



04-04-2006 15:13:24

I understand what Trainn is trying to say, but i have sent in two missing credit requests, with proof of signing up and having an account with AOL and nothing. Not even a hint that the information was received.

Any help at all with this?

p.s. signed up for AOL on 3/14....it is 4/4 and counting...


04-04-2006 15:15:35

I agree with the other posters. I signed up for AOL on 3/14. I sent in two missing credit requests and nothing (both e-mails included the confirmation from AOL).

It is 4/4. This seems like an awful long time for "instant".

special k

04-04-2006 16:16:46

Went to bed last night with 4 greens woke up with 7, that was pretty exciting.


04-04-2006 17:44:41

can anyone tell me what the change in freepay is with the approvals? i don't think i noticed a change in their policy.

is there a link or thread to go to?



04-04-2006 18:12:46

I think you're in the wrong forum )

This is Trainn which don't have any of the ridiculous rules.