need help

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25-03-2006 20:00:25

I am currently on approval stage for flashipods4free. I chose the 30GB ipod, but I was wondering if I can change it to the $250 paypal. Also, do a need a premier account to accept paypal from them?


25-03-2006 20:27:07

Once your approved, or at the moment, I think you just go to gift section and select the $250.


25-03-2006 20:38:24

Ya, you can choose what gift you want after you get approved. Not sure if you need to upgrade to receive the PayPal though. shrug


25-03-2006 21:40:03

Not 100% possitive, but you should be able to receive the money without having a premier account.


25-03-2006 21:57:12

cool...thanks for helping. I have both a personal and premier account but I rather used a personal to avoid those huge fees.