Does going through approval the second time take 10 days?

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22-03-2006 21:59:52

So one of my refs lost their credit the first time I went through approval.
I got a replacement, and have yet again submitted for approval.

Anyone else have this happen to them? Did you have to wait another 10 days?

I'm hoping I get some kind of priority since all of my refs were checked out just yesterday... shrug


23-03-2006 06:37:29

No one had this happen to them?


23-03-2006 08:55:27

I had that happen on my 360s it takes about the same amount of time to go through approval the second time as the first.


23-03-2006 12:33:43

I had it happen with my yourfreevideoipod. The first time I submitted it took like a week or two for one of my referrals to get bounced. The second time I was approved in a day. Still haven't gotten the ipod though ?