NO PSP Site?

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20-03-2006 13:11:53

how come Trainin doesn't have a PSP site?


20-03-2006 13:51:00

[quotec5e9b7fd7f="mpbollywoodking"]how come Trainin doesn't have a PSP site?[/quotec5e9b7fd7f]
You could ask that for a lot of sites, like why don't they have a MacMini site, Laptop site, or Camera site? I think it is sorta of a demand thing. Demand is high for all the sites that they have publicly released, and they probably want to keep their number of sites small, so they are easier to manage.

You could use the PayPal from another site to get a PSP though. D


20-03-2006 14:17:42

I would do a psp site if they made one but I would probubly just take the paypal payment along with pretty much every one else. That's probubly why they haven't made one.