Traiin launching plasma tv site

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16-03-2006 19:23:14

Well sorry Alan if I ruined your surprise.

So looks like Traiin is launching a Plasma TV site.

Let the masses rejoice.

Wooo Hoooo

This just made my day.


16-03-2006 19:41:57


I was fucking waiting for this for so long I was just about to start the OC one. When is it gonna open as well as their damn macmini site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also How many refs, like 20?


16-03-2006 19:44:07

no idea just was playing around and found it. Nothing on it yet so will have to wait.


So hopefully will be soon.


16-03-2006 19:50:49

It is one of our properties (we have over 100 undeveloped domains), but just for the record, we have not yet released the products details concerning our next site.



16-03-2006 19:56:40

[quote38b15f6f91="Trainn-Alan"]It is one of our properties (we have over 100 undeveloped domains), but just for the record, we have not yet released the products details concerning our next site.


Oh now youve ruined my night, lol, j/k

I need another plasma so this would be sweeter then the 360games


16-03-2006 20:08:27

How disapointing I really wanted a plasma 2


16-03-2006 20:11:10

You release 360games4free what crap but you wont give info on this

you BETTER pursue this site because if you dont i wont get a free plasma and u wont make more money so u shud b mad. why wouldnt you open as many sites as possible - just more money for you, what does opening a new site even cost u if u already have a domain hosting, the script, the offers, all u needa buy r the products (once theyre ordered)


16-03-2006 20:26:53

Right now I'm thinking of them as the tortise and the hair.

FreePay made the mistake of getting greedy and making a ton of sites quickly but not being able to manage the ones they already had effectively. They got to be to fast so they started cheating to get a couple extra bucks and pay for the mistakes they made.

Meen while TraInn has been slowly expanding from a little side show to possible the most popular freebie network without rushing anything or cheating anyone. There just calmly working there way into first place without rushing anything.

TraInn is my hero leave them alone LoL.


16-03-2006 20:53:13

lol nick e i guess you're right. if you need more staff to help out i would be a good candidate ;)


16-03-2006 21:23:55

Umm I think sacrificing 3 hours approvals is worth a new site.


16-03-2006 21:43:25

Laptops Trainn would be great too


16-03-2006 23:20:59 would be another good TraInn site.


17-03-2006 03:51:43

but plasmas would be best D , one were you can combine referals and offers.. maybe?


17-03-2006 10:22:03

If trainn can launch a plasma site, this will be the extra OOOMPH it needs to be hands-down the leader in freebies!


17-03-2006 12:14:42

oh my god. This will be awesome.


17-03-2006 12:15:48

I thought they were going to be releasing a laptop site as their next one, ah well. I think I should get my iPod first! [/greedynotwantinganyoneelsetobehappy]


18-03-2006 20:31:40

all hail trainn!! D


18-03-2006 20:41:32

If they release a plasma site you guys are going to complain about the ref requirements no matter what. The only reason OC can keep theirs at 22 is because of OOD. Even if its a only a $1500 EDTV Plasma its probably gonna be 30+ Refs plus you'll have to pay taxes on it


19-03-2006 12:05:06

I'd do 30 refs for a plasma. The Nintendo Revolution is another possibility, I'd definetly do that!


19-03-2006 14:45:39

if there was a nintendo revolution, i'd jump right to it like fat people and cake


20-03-2006 11:55:04

im sure there will be when there is an official release date