What the #$%& is wrong?

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12-03-2006 20:46:48

Worst site ever. They WILL NOT credit me, I submitted for manual credit, no reply. I have sent support tickets, they would have a short reply with no answers then I replied back and 5 DAYS LATER still no reply!
No phone number customer service, horrible customer service. It's been over a month and I haven't received credit. I'm doing this offer for someone and he's been waiting on his final green! I may lose money on this thing!

And this isn't the first problem I've had with them, but I don't really want to get into the long list of problems with Trans.

If you want quick credit and excellent customer service, freepay sites are the best.


12-03-2006 20:50:53

I beg to differ, with the creditng at least, I've never had crediting problems with Trainn. As for the Manual Credit requets, it's not their fault, they report the credit as soon as they receive them. You need to blame the affiliate company. I agree with the support tickets though, sometimes you get 30 min responses, other times it takes about a week to get a response.


13-03-2006 01:22:48

I understand you're pissed, but please refrain from posting in every thread you can get your hands on about how long you've been waiting or how bad Trainn are.

If I see you posting in another thread that doesn't contribute something to it or all you're doing is Trainn-bashing, then you'll be temp-banned.