time from "shipped" to actually recieving?

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06-03-2006 05:51:59

So this morning I check my order status and it says "shipped" which it didn't before (before it said recieved)

however the estimated ship date is over a week away.

Does this mean it was shipped and i'll get it sooner than the estimated time? Or does the estimated time mean that I'll be recieving it then (if it's shipped now I can't see how it would take 12 days)


06-03-2006 06:46:33

I just posted in the other message where you posted about this. ) I'm guessing you'll have it sooner. My 30 gig is taking 4 days to get to me (because of the weekend, probably), but my 60 gig from trainn only took like 2-3 days to get to me. So I can't see why it would take 12 days, unless you're on an oil rig.

Are you on an oil rig?


06-03-2006 07:12:36

Well it took a week to receive my 30GB Black Video iPod from YourFreeVideoiPods.com but that's because of Futureshop.ca because I believe they were back ordered when Trainn ordered it, but still a week from Shipped to Received is fine by me.. free is free. Thanks Trainn! w00t! And requested approval yesterday for FlashiPods4free.com )