Worst Support, And still no Green.... Will never do again!

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04-03-2006 12:33:45

I've done Trans before and no problem, but it's been almost 4 weeks and I still haven't greened! I sent in a missing credit request on Feb. 21st, still no response, I sent in a support ticket on Mar. 1st, still no response. Worst service, all around bad. Maybe it's a problem they're having but I haven't had a problem like this with the other sites. Oh well.... Thought I'd throw in my 2 cents.


04-03-2006 12:44:59

What offer did you complete?


04-03-2006 13:45:51

Trainn's support ticket system is weird. Sometimes I get 20 min respones, sometimes it takes a week. Their missing credit requests take about a month sometimes a bit less. That is not their fault, it is the fault of their affiliate company. Offers are credited instantly as they are received.


04-03-2006 14:47:17

you think that's bad, i've been waiting 5 weeks for freepay credit, sent in soooooooooooooo much proof and pictures that i'll about explode if I don't get credit next week.


04-03-2006 17:55:48

[quoteaae7216480="b0otleg"]What offer did you complete?[/quoteaae7216480]

I did the true.com offer, I heard that's a good one. Is there something wrong with True.com?


05-03-2006 21:51:58

they miss offers sometimes... i've done 4 of their sites... and had to do 2 offers for 2 of them... o well.


06-03-2006 08:16:58

Yea I am also having problem with some offers AOL mainly. I Already sent in a support ticket but w/e will see havent heard from Train yet.


06-03-2006 08:27:54

[quoteb12c09347c="PiSty1ez"][quoteb12c09347c="b0otleg"]What offer did you complete?[/quoteb12c09347c]

I did the true.com offer, I heard that's a good one. Is there something wrong with True.com?[/quoteb12c09347c]


al credit horrible on traiin, every time one of my friends does them, I have to file manual.


06-03-2006 09:00:29

i completed Freebidding and never recieved credit for it from ps34free.com. SO i complete another offer Keen. and u guessed it!! STILL NO CREDIT!!! this is bull! i've been pending on credit for almost a month for this site. Trainn is playing us like fools for doing free offers for them!!


06-03-2006 09:47:02

lishrugsli I've done both freebidding and driving4dollars and I was credited within 48 hours...


12-03-2006 20:54:19

Still waiting for credit, it's been over a month. The guy I did the offer for is waiting patiently and they won't respond to my support tickets. I've sent them everyday and they never reply. 5th day is tomorrow, maybe I'll get a reply, but I doubt it.


12-03-2006 22:14:53

When users don't provide sufficient information (and are informed that they did not), it is not our fault that credit is not received.

If you wish to discuss this matter any further with us, please use the contact methods on the site.