Whoohoo. Got paypal from Traiin!

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01-03-2006 11:57:32

This is the first gift from traiin! $415 paypal from 3604free! I already bought a 360 off ebay... only cost me $165! haha.


01-03-2006 12:47:08

You bought a 360 from eBay for $75 or the offers only costed that much?


01-03-2006 14:06:41

Im assuming the offers costed that much. So all in all he got a 360 for $75. Which aint bad anyway. Nice.


01-03-2006 15:28:00

Sorry, the 360 I bought off ebay was ($500) $475 + $25 shipping.

It was early and I forgot mention that I did spend like $80 on offers to complete the site.
Used the $415 paypal from traiin, and $85 out of my own pocket to buy the 360. So all in all.. I spent $165 for a new 3rd gen premium 360. Which is good.


01-03-2006 21:39:10

Congrats )