How fast can you request manual credit from Trancedent?

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28-02-2006 00:06:48

Yesterday I did the freebidding offer for a trade. According to the website, it says that it credits the next business day. It hasn't. Can I send for manual credit with my receipt now or do I have to wait 15 days?


28-02-2006 00:10:25

7 days


28-02-2006 00:32:35

Thanks! That was fast customer service! ) If it doesn't go green by next week, I'll ask for manual credit.


28-02-2006 10:37:13

Hopefully it doesn't take too long for you. I had to request manual credit twice for trainn and one took nearly 2 months after that to credit.


01-03-2006 09:10:51

i submited a credit request for my and it has past 10 days.
my email= is is and i completed



06-03-2006 06:20:19

Yea I submitted credit for AOL I can only wait... (


07-03-2006 13:53:37

yeah i am waiting for two sites. after not getting i figured out it was firefox. my previous submission got credited 4 days after submission. pretty sweet
remember to post the headers for the emails as well!