Redoing sites

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25-02-2006 15:37:13

I know this has been asked before but I haven't been able to find it. I got scammed into Dvdrecorders and I know Alan has said before that I can redo the site, but with a certain procedure with the email address. Anyone know what it is?


25-02-2006 16:44:25

No, but I was actually wondering the same thing


27-02-2006 06:45:53

Anyone? I PMed Alan, but it seems he hasn't been on in a while and I need to signup under someone soon.


27-02-2006 07:38:51

I think you can redo sites as far as I know.


27-02-2006 11:56:06

[quoteb94acf271a="Averagejoe1039"]I think you can redo sites as far as I know.[/quoteb94acf271a]
I know I can, oh well. I'll sort it out with Alan if there are any problems later which I don't see any.


27-02-2006 12:18:36

Final Verdit from Alan
[quote65e74584b4="Trainn-Alan"]As long as you have not completed an offer or obtained any referrals, you may re-register without penalty.

Since your old email is already in the system, you will need to use a new one when re-registering.



27-02-2006 15:01:43

yeps freepay and traiin both allow you to do this. Just make sure you email Alan or Jake and let them know.


27-02-2006 19:51:42

Nice! This makes me available for a couple more sites.