my referral Accidently made 2nd acc

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18-02-2006 23:39:31

Well he was not familiar with the whole system and was confused.
First he was referred by me and then he accidently did a offer on Level B offers and i did not recieve credit. Realized his mistake he though he would correct it by re-sign up under me and do the offer again on the correct Level, but before he did anything else after he signed up he realized that was a mistake and went back to the first account and complete the offer there and green instantly.

I was concern whether i will be placed on hold or he would be.
And if Trainn-Allan is reading this, would it be possible that you can remove the accident account that did nothing but signed up under me?
So we both can continue with the site?

Please it was a honiest mistake.


18-02-2006 23:48:53

As long as the accident account has no refs or completed offers it is fine.


19-02-2006 08:33:19

Good, I'm in the same boat too.

I signed up for like over 6 months ago and never used the site.

Now I signedup under a friend with another email,and now that account i did an offer and getting refs.

I sent a support ticket to ask about that, but I guess I have my answer now.


28-02-2006 01:07:11

question if a friend signed up for a trainn website, never did an offer, and made a new account, same site, and did an offer. there would be no problems? Would all the information be the same too? ie. first name last name...i guess the email could change..though.


28-02-2006 09:37:20

that is what happen to me. they did as long as the first account did not have any referrals or completed any offers its ok


28-02-2006 23:57:20

so no offers complete, they can make a new account, diff email, same personal information?


01-03-2006 09:08:11

no offers completed or referrals, diff email same info


01-03-2006 16:12:23

alright cool.