Signed up with two emails.

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16-02-2006 21:39:28


I have been doing a bunch of trades the past few days, and I didn't even realize I had signed up for like 6 months ago and never used the account. And of which I signed up using my most active email address.

I then got some trades and signed up for the ps3, 360, flashipods, flatscreen, under that same email. OK good so far.

Now I just signed up for again, but udner another email, because I wanted to sign up under someone referral link.

Is their someone I can contact to straigthen this out, i don't want there to be a conflict, trying to scam them or whatever.

I hope my other accounts aren;t in jeopardy.


16-02-2006 22:04:07

You're fine, as long as you only have one active account per site. You can have an inactive second one (I.E. No offers completed or refs)


16-02-2006 22:08:26

All my sites are with email #1, like the ps3, 360, flat screen, ipods,

and the freevideoipods is with email #2, and are all under my name and address, etc... They won't be suspicious of a diffferent email for that account??


16-02-2006 22:18:37

Nope, not as long as you don't have two accounts that are both being purusued on the same site. You can submit a support ticket just to give them a heads up though.


17-02-2006 08:59:18

Thank man.