Dead Offer Links on TRAINN

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13-02-2006 20:07:48

I tried PM'ing Alan about this a few days ago, but he hasn't read the message yet and I figure this could save others some headache.

The following Level B offer links appear to be dead
Homeworks Plus

Both of them point to websites which are not the signup pages for these programs and my guess is that you won't get any credit if you try to complete these offers.

If anyone from TRAINN sees this I'd love to see these links become active again as my friends prefer to sign up for dealpass programs.


13-02-2006 21:01:46

The Homeworks Plus program has been renamed. It's now called At Home Rewards.

The Connections program is down for the moment though, but will be live again soon. This company is always modifying the terms and frequently expires the old one only to quickly relaunch (sometimes hours later).



14-02-2006 05:52:11

Thanks Alan