Trainn just screwed me over.

Live forum:


13-02-2006 17:35:28

Trainn put me on hold for no reason, I then contacted them and they claimed I spammed my ref link, which is bs cause I just signed up for the account... I did a offer too and after it "magically" credits i get put on hold. I guess thats how they make their money, putting people on hold for no reason after they do a offer so they can rake in the cash while not letting people complete it.

I am just warning people out there trainn has deceived me and I hope it doesnt deceive you.

As for me, I will never fall for their tricky tactics and schemes. Personally they can stick it where the sun don't shine.


13-02-2006 18:13:09

sorry.. ive had a possitive experiance


13-02-2006 18:18:31

Did a nemesis report your ref link?


13-02-2006 18:23:15

[quoteb5fc164c26="ilanbg"]Did a nemesis report your ref link?[/quoteb5fc164c26]

what is a nemisis.

I think some1 did report my ref link I did give it out to 2 ppl who pm'ed me asking for it. Of course it was on a diff forum. I never "spammed" it.

My guess was one of those two people either reported me spamming or spammed it for me somewhere then report me.


13-02-2006 18:49:25

Accounts are only locked for spamming if there is verifiable proof. If the account was locked then there is proof.


13-02-2006 19:00:42

[quote59c5d79436="Trainn-Support"]Accounts are only locked for spamming if there is verifiable proof. If the account was locked then there is proof.[/quote59c5d79436]

but I never did spam. I have no reason to... I have 6 people who were going to sign up under me which we friends and I worked out a deal with 2 more people on these forums.... I was framed!


19-02-2006 16:19:13

just curious, what would be considered spamming?
is putting your link on your website?
having it in your AIM signature?

or do they mean emailing the world, etc.


19-02-2006 19:04:49

It's only considered spam if someone reports it.

Something just occurred to me Couldn't, in theory, a scammer report the person's link he signed up under so he wouldn't have to sign up, or to prevent that person from seeing he went red?


19-02-2006 20:06:32

Can i ask if it was solid evidence that he was "Spamming."
With Photoshop or tampering with text files, it is rather easy to forge one.


19-02-2006 20:32:04

The alert included the live link to the incident.



19-02-2006 22:26:20

That really really sucks. Sorry Song, but it sounds like your guilty...


19-02-2006 22:58:39

[quote5659f5cc8e="Trainn-Alan"]The alert included the live link to the incident.


sounds like a myspace violation, lol

they have been cracking down big time on myspace and reporting everything, lol

Good thing my GF is so addicted to it that I have learned to loath it.

So no pics of girl in catholic miniskirt claiming she got an ipod from traiin. lmao


19-02-2006 23:33:03


alan 1. song 0.


20-02-2006 00:16:12

is there any way i can have my two accounts taken off hold?

22-02-2006 22:01:06

Damn and I was going to actually do the myspace thing.


22-02-2006 23:51:48

If you legitimately post it on [i0bcfcf8a63]your[/i0bcfcf8a63] page that is fine. The only problems arise when you start posting it on others where it is not relevant to the discussion such as it was the case with this one.


23-02-2006 05:44:09

You go Trainn support! Haha