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13-02-2006 14:17:17

I use the browser Opera....Been doing it for all my freesites. I signed up for, however it made me download a program and sign up through that. Will this count??? I went to the site on IE...(after doing my site)....and it showed an online sign up form.


13-02-2006 14:23:37

when i did stamps i did the online signup form and then i downloaded the program that i never used


13-02-2006 20:51:32

Unfortunatly though, I signed up through the pissed cause this is part of a trade...and I wouldnt want to have to do another offer.


17-02-2006 06:06:27

They still havnt replied (


17-02-2006 09:37:35

i signed up throw the site and then downloaded the program, just wait for some help from the site owners