anyone got some info on the offer?

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10-02-2006 04:31:51

One of my refs did this offer. Its a B offer. What exactly does that mean? Is this going to give a full credit? It didn't say anything about how much credit it gives, it just says that the person has to register for


10-02-2006 07:09:09

If the offer is more than or equal to 50pts., then it will count as a full referral/credit. If it's less, he'll have to do another one to get credit. Next time, just make sure he does only Level A offers, then you'll know for sure that he's gotten enough pts.


10-02-2006 14:04:28

OK, thanks, I will ask him to do a different one.


10-02-2006 19:46:41

LEVEL B offers are worth half credit on referral accounts.