Credit on the wrong site?

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08-02-2006 19:38:06

For the past week or so I've been working on and completed as my Level A offer and did receive credit, which was great and still use the website now; which is besides the point. Anyways, recently for a friend I signed up on the new PS3 website launched by Trainn and completed and for some VERY odd reason received credit for that offer on YFVI instead of on the PS3 website. Anyone ever experienced this before?

Also, if Alan or any other Trainn representative is reading this would you mind looking into this issue for me because I'm trying to get credit on my PS3 account so that I can help my friend out. I just found it extremely weird how I followed the link from, yet received credit on a completely different website.


08-02-2006 20:11:12

Same thing happened to me and they corrected it. Submit a support ticket.


09-02-2006 00:17:59

yeah, they'll take care of it for you. I'd send a support ticket and pm alan


09-02-2006 09:17:45

Yeah, I'm going to send in a support ticket today, just wanted to see if anyone has ever experienced the same thing, thanks.


09-02-2006 18:48:20

this also happened to one of my referrals but it was never fixed....doesnt matter b/c i found someone else....very strange how it credited the wrong site and it credited it multiple times (stamps) under completed referrals
my referrals problem still wasnt fixed after a support ticket....


10-02-2006 13:41:27

I sent in a support ticket and the problem was fixed within hours, god I love Trainn.. <3