Quick Question...

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08-02-2006 10:33:46

Under my earmarked item, under progress it says Completed Offer YES

But in the bar underneath the percentage, it says "You still need to complete an offer?"

Has it just not been approved yet? Because I completed two for the Level B.

and I also had one referrel, but it still does not show I have had a referrel...I was assuming since it shows I did complete two offers underneath the complete ID very quickly, that it would show my referrels offer completed, even if it wasn't completed....is this normal?

Sorry if this is confusing...this sites been helpful, but I still can't get everything to fit together, so any help would be great! Thanks!


08-02-2006 19:40:32

Send in a support ticket with your concerns and I'm sure their support staff will clear it up for you pretty quickly.