where is the ORDER STATUS page on YFVIP?????????????

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05-02-2006 13:43:07

okay so i just put in my order for the 30 gig ipod cuz i didnt feel like waiting anymore for those other offers to credit so i can get the 60 gig (i'd never fill a 60 gig up anyway) and now i dont see any order status page...ive looked everywhere. am i overlooking something? wtf?

also, do they REALLY ship out in 2 weeks??


05-02-2006 15:01:38

I would imagine that it is the same location as it is on flashipods4free...
http//i35.photobucket.com/albums/d186/winkelk/order.jpg[" alt=""/img038e3eb8ad]

in the progress window


05-02-2006 15:32:08

And if you login and you can't see that (for some reason..) go here http//www.yourfreevideoipods.com/orders.php


05-02-2006 17:04:20

[quote6e1201bbbc="EasyAs456"]And if you login and you can't see that (for some reason..) go here http//www.yourfreevideoipods.com/orders.php[/quote6e1201bbbc]

It's because for points accounts, you can place multiple orders. It's something though that will be clearer in the new revision of the site.



05-02-2006 21:42:41

Hmm new version =p what do you speak of oh great one...