How long does take to complete?

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02-02-2006 08:51:09

One of my ref's just signed up for this site...I am just wondering how long it will take. I think it said one business day or something. Anyone have problems with this offer? Its good to because my ref needs this and won't cancel it! -> YEAH!!!!!!!



02-02-2006 10:07:57

sometimes it credits the same day, some times it takes a day or two, I had one ref do this offer on a freepay site and it has been 7 business days, 9 days if you count the weekends. I don't think it depends on anything, just credits when it wants to.


02-02-2006 10:29:49

kool---hopefully its a quick one---thanks for the response


02-02-2006 12:29:10

update----it was credited about 20 mins ago---not bad for a few hours!


08-02-2006 19:41:59

Well, one or two of my referrals completed at around 6-7pm on Monday night and I know they were credited within 3 hours and I submitted for approval that same night since they were my final referrals - amazingly fast.


09-02-2006 13:40:13

One of my refs did it today and he was credited in about 2 hours


11-02-2006 15:15:01

it took like 3 hours for trainn and it was instant on freepay (had 2 ref do today)