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02-02-2006 08:49:16

If you didn't receive an instant green from them, how long did it take for you? Its been longer than 24hours since I purchased my results!



02-02-2006 10:34:14

I just want to say Tickle me IQ has the best customer service in the World. and OC has the ultimate worst.

I never got credit when I did this for oc. they just give me their BS canned responses. so I contacted IQ and they were totally willing to send confirmation just wanted to know where to send it.

Offer Centric refused to give me an email for them to send it to...because they are not a proven legit site.

anyway I just had the guy send it to email==support@offercentric.comsupport@offercentric.com=support@offercentric.comsupport@offercentric.com/email and that's all I can do.....they have all the proof in the world that they need.

my point is tickle me is awesome and they will help you out if the site you did if for is giving you the typical BS run around.


07-02-2006 19:13:37

its usually instant but ive had it never credit before....


07-02-2006 19:55:45

I got credit for it, sometime after I did the offer though.