Wow. Trainns fast.

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31-01-2006 11:13:48

signed up on january 4 or 5th i think.

completed all offers on january 20th. took 1 week (exactly 5 business days to approve)

approved on january 27th. ordered placed at 2 am in the morning. getting my ipod today.


31-01-2006 11:16:56

I noticed that too....My estimated shipping day was Feb. 7th...but I was approved and listed as shipped on the 28th of January.

Seems like they're picking up the pace D


31-01-2006 11:16:59

yeah i know i love them -)


31-01-2006 12:29:03

Any of ya'll refer people with the same last name?


31-01-2006 13:32:46

I did same last name and i got approved in 8 days Jan 27 received my order on Jan 27
shipping soon Jan 29 shipped jan 30 UPS tracking # Jan 31 due to arrive Feb 1 its 2 1/2 hours away as of today.


31-01-2006 14:56:24

My cousin did it for me (same last name) and his account got frozen. Damn trainn!


31-01-2006 15:13:44

[quote4793d1e4fa="d3athtonic"]My cousin did it for me (same last name) and his account got frozen. Damn trainn![/quote4793d1e4fa]

Crap. You had to say that and now I am wondering. The post above it made me feel alright but now I am not so sure if I want to try it. I probably still will. The referrals won't have the same last name as ME but THEY will have the same last name.


31-01-2006 15:15:15

Well I have yet to be approved.. I think ive past the 5 days.


31-01-2006 15:33:28

Having the same name won't get you disqualified. If an account was placed on hold there were likely more similarities with the accounts than just the last name.


31-01-2006 16:45:33

And support get's them all )


02-02-2006 20:08:37

woohoo!!!! requested approval 1.28.06.... approved 2.2.06 = 4 business days! a total of 6 days! w00t! OMG I'm going to get my first freebie!!!!


02-02-2006 21:22:47

i shit my pants when i got my first freebie.


03-02-2006 13:35:05

Yeah they ARE fast... I just got approved yesterday too... I'm requesting my paypal now.... yey!!!!


06-02-2006 07:42:44

Ughh, I'm on my 7th day (6 business days) and haven't gotten approved yet. I guess it's gonna take another day....


07-02-2006 00:41:44

I just received $250 paypal from TRAINN!!!! hooray!!!!


07-02-2006 17:40:30

Been waiting since 1/30 for credit on yourfreeflatscreen approval (paypal). I think thats 6 business days for me too. I'll keep posted. Hopefully tomorrow!!

Also 2 business days now on yourfreevideoipod...I don't expect that for like a week.


I just got approved for $250 paypal on today after 7 business days (Feb 8). HOWEVER, it says it wont be shipped till Feb 18. 10 days...whats up with that? its just a paypal payment. I thought paypal payments are sent out every wed. and sat. morning?


08-02-2006 06:56:31

Woot! I just got approved and I placed my order for the 30GB black ipod. Is there a backorder on this? Thanks Trainn!


08-02-2006 19:48:58

Alan -

Is there anyway you could look into something directly for me? One of my referrals didn't clearly read the TOS after completing an offer for me and had buddies come over to his place and sign-up using his computer... he want's to know if you can disregard those duplicate accounts and remove them, yet avoid his disqualification? It was unintentional and now that I've clearly explained the terms and services and how these incentives websites operate to him he understands where he went wrong. If you can do this without affecting me, nor him (since he is one of my 5 referrals) that would be awesome. I can PM you the details if that's ok. Thanks in advance.


09-02-2006 14:53:54

DON'T post questions directed to moderators or representatives..especially if it is COMPLETELY off topic..

I'm preetty sure thats a rule somewhere.


09-02-2006 15:02:23

Sorry, I've just seen tons of people post direct questions and not be penalized for doing so, thought I would give it a try - but I'll take the advice and just send in a support ticket I suppose.