should i take the 30 gig or hold out for the 60, on yfvip??

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31-01-2006 11:00:39

okay so on the 16th and 19th of january, i signed up for 22 offers, enough for 900 points. i have been credited for most of them, and now have 736 points, enough for a 30 gig ipod. i still havent received credit for the following offers

feel serenity (signed up 1-16)
miracle burn (signed up 1-19)
shopper discounts (signed up 1-16)
travel values (signed up 1-19) (signed up 1-16)

i have not cancelled any of these, but i still havent received credit over a week later. i have put in support tickets for all 5, but who knows if ill ever receive credit for them roll

should i just order the 30 gig, or should i hold out for the 60 gig? i keep hearing how these support tickets are being ignored or whatever. advice? thanks!


31-01-2006 11:16:18

i have 30 i got from them a few months ago, and its awesome, but that would have to depened on how much you will use? i still only have filled 6 gigs so i mean thats up to you... lol do u have a lot of music and video? and you could always do that thing where you turn in your unopened ipod to apple along with $100 and get an upgrade to the 60... up to you


31-01-2006 13:07:14

well i got the 60 just to be done with it, just in case storage wise, and i believe the battery is a bit better on the 60gb?


31-01-2006 13:30:00

I am in th esame boat...Paying 25 an offer means paying 200 for the 60. Paying 25 an offer means paying 125 for the 30. If I bring it to an apple store along with 100 bucks, it seems like I am losing 25 dollars by taking the 30. But, if I return and get the 60, I get a reciept. So I am not sure either what to do. I want my ipod ASAP, so I am thinking about just taking the 30.

I have over 200 gbs on my PC filled with music, and another 100 gbs of video/DVD' I can easily fill a 60 in one night. But, I can always swap out the music and put newer shit on.

The battery life is very very very important to me. About 15 hours of the day, my ipod will be on, and in my ears. So the 60 is more appealing. But, with the extra money, I can get another charger for work and one for the car too. Plus a case. I don't know, I don't know...



(Sorry for the long post, I am very excited to get my first ipod)


31-01-2006 13:36:05

i actually did the point system, because the referral system is a pain in the ass, and i only ended up paying $80 to do the 22 offers it took to get 900 points. alot of the offers dont cost anything, and the rest only cost about 5 bucks each.


31-01-2006 13:39:19

I was going to do that first, and thats what I initially signed up for on, but I HATE cancelling stuff if I don't like it. Signing up for 22 offers, you must have your offers organized (phone numbers, customer ID, which CC you used, etc..) That IMO is a PAIN!!! But to each is their own. I've only done DIY sites, so this is the first time I have done any referals. its pretty easy when you are using the trade module on this site...

BTW---Where in CO are you? Ever hear of the string cheese incident? I go to CO like 3 times a year to see them!

+1 Karma for you for being a colorado snow bunny!


31-01-2006 13:50:18

yeah, cancelling all the orders is a huge pain, but i am impatient, and didnt feel like bugging people to sign up for offers under me (i have already gotten 2 free ipods from freepay in the past year and a half, with the referral method, and both times it took me several months to get 5 referrals, that is before i knew about this site and the trade module) but anyway yeah i have all my offers and phone numbers, number of days for the trial, etc. written down so i can get them all cancelled so i wont get charged. i was living in west denver but i just moved to florida a couple weeks ago. i miss the snow!!!!!!!!


31-01-2006 13:53:24

Thats a pretty drastic climate change!!! LOL I would miss CO too...thats why I always go back!

This site and its trade module are excellent....My 3rd ref is completing now, so I've had 3 greens in about 4 days. not bad IMO. Just hope they all get approved when I submit for my gift!


31-01-2006 20:51:50

wait a week and see

you'd kick yourself if you knew you went green on those offers a day after submitting for approval


31-01-2006 21:43:10

No No---I will definitely wait for all my ref's to be approved before submitting for approval. I have one paypal out there, so eventually I will be down to 2 left...and I think someone is going to do another as well. So then just one more paypal ->