Referral Mult. Offer Signup Q + Approval

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27-01-2006 17:00:15

I have a referral I traded with on these boards who 'accidentally' signed up under two email addresses. I was told by Trainn that this is ok as long as he only pursues one of them (completes an offer).

However, somehow he managed to innocently (his words) COMPLETE offers on both email addresses.

Now I have two referrals with completed offers, both the same person using the same IP address. I assume these referrals will get disqualified upon approval, correct? I contacted Trainn requesting to immediately disqualify those referrals if they are against their ToS, but no response yet.

If so, I can replace those two referrals with two legitimate ones with no problems right? In other words, I don' t have to worry about this trader's little problem red-flagging my entire account correct?

ALSO, can I request approval on an item, say a 30gb ipod for 5 refs, but then later hold out for a larger item (60gb for 8 refs) after approval?



27-01-2006 17:30:06

ok yeah both will turn red and you will need to replace tham. And for the 60 GB yes you can i did that also, all you do is get them and if you lucky to get all the greens before the requesting approval finishes then when your approved just order the 60 but if not then you will have to request again and this time it will only take a day or two