Is it possible to switch referrals to points?

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24-01-2006 14:10:53

Right now I have a flashipods4free referral account with one green and what if I wanted to switch it would it be a problem? I was thinking of switching because it would be easier to get an ipod for that site? How much offers do you have to do to get a ipod video 30g or ipod nano?


24-01-2006 14:18:55

Yes you can switch. Just contact them and ask to have your account switched from referral to point based. If you go to the level B offers you can see how much each offer is worth and find out how many offers you need to complete to receive your iPod. Stickied above should be the site referral and point requirements for each item.


24-01-2006 14:36:42

Does anyone know what the average amount of points is for each offer?


24-01-2006 15:09:35

So offers are 118 pts, while some are 2 pts. The average seems to be around 30 pts I think.


24-01-2006 15:22:43

Ok thanks I was just like I would just do a point based just for this site only but the problem I saw was If I do a lot of offers I wont be able to do much offers trading for other sites... Edit Nevermind I'll just keep the referrals because it seems better just getting refs as you can just pay someone instead. I'll do point based maybe in the future.