Approval Day

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24-01-2006 08:21:18

Does trainn approve everyday or just on certain days.I thought I saw this asked one other time but cant remember.

Sent in for approval the afternoon of Jan 17 for.... white 30g yourfreevideoipods.


24-01-2006 15:33:55

I sent in approval on Jan. 15th, and I am not approved so...


24-01-2006 15:55:33

they approve all day everyday.. I believe its automated or something..


24-01-2006 16:16:49

Thanks for the info. What did you send in for approval for,plus does each site vary in approval time?


24-01-2006 20:42:00

kevike...mine took a very long time too...but i had submitted in 2005, and I emailed alan one night and he said that all 2005 submissions were to be done on a certain date...soo, yea


24-01-2006 20:53:13

I just got approved

Site Ps3 Trainn
Submitted January 15th, 2006
Approved January 24th, 2006
Time 7 Business Days, 9 Days Total


24-01-2006 20:53:57

[quoteb0c91aed45="kevike"]Thanks for the info. What did you send in for approval for,plus does each site vary in approval time?[/quoteb0c91aed45]

We review the accounts in the order they were received and the process typically takes 5-7 business days. As of this point, everything before the 17th has been reviewed.



25-01-2006 08:23:01

Thanks for the quick info Alan
Appreciate it!!


25-01-2006 09:47:48

i got approved last night


30-01-2006 06:29:39

I got approved friday night. So did kevike. ) 60 gig black video ipod ORDERED! Time to update my sig pic.


30-01-2006 10:47:47

I have two sites flashipods4free and yourfreeflatscreen submitted for approval. They rejected it after about a week and I have a ref went red on each site. GRRRR. One of them is my cousin. He swore he didn't duplicate his trainn accounts. I don't see how he went red.


01-02-2006 01:10:42

I think waiting for the approval is the longest process..... I didn't care much about getting green cuz I'm doing many sites so I don't check for greens every site, everyday. But now that I got all 5 greens on my flatscreen, I kept on checking it everyday for the approval. It's only been 5 days (2 business days) but I already felt like it's been forever )