So will it ship tomorrow?

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19-01-2006 18:24:53

So my estimated shipping date is tomorrow the 20th...and my status has been "Recieved" for the past 9 days for the video ipod

it this accurate or will it be delayed a little longer? sorry, i just cant wait D


19-01-2006 18:29:22

I am pretty sure they are back on track but don't quote me on that. Plus, I heard Trainn forgets to change status of their orders alot so you might get it sooner than you think.

Be sure to note that it is the estimate [b79f63d835b]shipping[/b79f63d835b] date, not receiving date.


19-01-2006 18:34:40

yeah, but i was lucky and got it the day after estimated shipping -) i was happy and i love my video ipod


19-01-2006 18:52:22

awesome..keep your fingers crossed )


19-01-2006 18:54:16

i got mine 2 weeks after it changed to shipped, which was a day or two after the estimated ship date


20-01-2006 13:36:52

still says recieved
hopefully it shipped


21-01-2006 08:01:05

it changed to "shipping soon" )


21-01-2006 10:09:21

My shipping date for 30 gig black ipod was the 19th, still says "Order Status Processing", on flashipods4free. I'm gonna email em and ask what the deal is here, is processing the first status it usually says? I remember trainn running me through a shitload of statusses (statii?) for yourfreevideoipods a month or so ago.


21-01-2006 12:54:47

The order is processing. When the order is recieved by the vendor, it becomes STV. Then when it is about to ship, it becomes shipped.


21-01-2006 13:19:46

mine never said processing. mine went straight from recieved -> shipping soon


21-01-2006 14:47:16

I cant remember if my status ever said received, I'm thinking mine has said processing from the start. I have never seen the status STV on a train site