any info on other new trainn sites?

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14-01-2006 20:05:57

what will they be and when will they be comming out?
2 more right?


14-01-2006 20:40:20

[quotefb014cefe4="toiletpaper55"]what will they be and when will they be comming out?
2 more right?[/quotefb014cefe4]Probably 1 more, they just released the PS3 Site.


14-01-2006 20:48:37

what about a psp site or something.... that would be cool...


14-01-2006 20:50:50

i thought 2 more b/c there were going to be 3 new ones and ps3s released


14-01-2006 21:04:04

wow that woukld be awesome


14-01-2006 21:53:16

I believe another 2 sites is coming out something to do with an HDTV


14-01-2006 22:30:16

definitely 2 more sites, I dont think I'll be rushing them or anything though unless its something with minimal referrals and I have a new cc by then...... and possibly some paypal to throw away.. regardless, save the aformentioned situations, I wont be rushing them.

I think trainn would delay the release of their next site anyways, they are already swamped with the new ps3 site and all their other sites. I say we can give them a break for now. If I were Alan, I'd tell you to wait until atleast february for the next site so they can catch up on some approvals and such.

just my $.02


29-01-2006 10:48:31

i still want another site!!!