Alan or anyone that my know ?

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13-01-2006 06:54:58

Can a referral be a famliy member that lives in the same town same last name ,but does not live in the same home. Will this throw up a red flag?

I have had a few of my referrals e-mail me about some offers which i know little about and some sound like they might sign up for the same offer,is it a problem if you have referrals with the same offer.I wouldnt think so,im just asking if anyone has had their referrals do this.


codex avellum

13-01-2006 10:31:03

two of my couzins signed up under me and it wasnt a problem

they live in same city, same last name as me. just in different homes.

so it should be fine for you


13-01-2006 11:11:28

yeah this is fine, as long as its a unique person


13-01-2006 12:37:18

and a unique household i believe?