3 weeks since "Shipped" and still no iPod from YFV

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10-01-2006 18:56:29

I was approved on 12/3 with an estimated ship date of 12/13. Changed to "Shipped" status on 12/21 and now, 20 days later, the delivery man still hasn't shown up. Submitted 2 support tickets looking for a tracking number with the standard "no tracking number is currently available" response. Sent a PM to Trainn-Alan yesterday morning and no response yet....

What's a fella to do besides cry ??


10-01-2006 19:37:26

Since it has been more then two weeks, contact us, stating that information and we will attempt to locate the package and/or get the replacement sent.



10-01-2006 20:25:13

Thanks Alan, I went ahead and sent another email just now to the contact account with my situation information. 8 minutes later I had a response email from Trainn. Now that is what I call customer service!



11-01-2006 00:12:07



12-01-2006 07:40:10

Update Trainn sent me a note yesterday morning (as they promised) informing me the would UPS a new iPod out to me which would arrive within the next week. cheer


12-01-2006 12:22:31



12-01-2006 18:38:15

trainn replied to my question from my support ticket like so "Shipments in Canada do tend to take a bit longer then those originating in the U.S. due to 3rd party fulfillment, however, your order has been fulfilled and you should have your item shortly."

so i hope this means i'm getting mine real soon?


12-01-2006 18:39:49

No, it means you will never gets yours...

Of course it means you will get yours real soon.


12-01-2006 19:22:20

but i don't want to get my 2 weeks from now, like his \

so i'm wondering if they say that to shut me up or they mean its coming 'real soon'.


12-01-2006 19:25:14

No, it usually means around a week or two, but I would dbl check with our Canadian members.


12-01-2006 19:45:38

well damn, considering its been more than a week after the estimated shipped date..still? | harsh


12-01-2006 20:05:03

I got mine exactly a week after my esd, but I am in the USA


12-01-2006 21:00:37

Quit complaining, it's free.


12-01-2006 21:14:07

i got mine a day after the estimated shipping date


12-01-2006 22:53:34

complaining is one thing, wondering when your ipod will come since you're in the dark is another thing. i started my site on nov 1, i'm too old for this ;)