Black 30 Gig video iPods Status

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09-01-2006 14:40:26

It took me a whole month after my original shipping estimate to get my 60 gig black ipod, I just placed my order on flashipods4free for the 30 gig (after being approved today). Are they shipping faster now that the holiday rush is over? My 60 gig shipped to florida, this one I'm having shipped to montreal, will that have an impact on my wait time? Thanks in advance


09-01-2006 16:50:47

I hope yours comes faster than mine...My order was approved on 12/3 with a ship estimate of 12/13. Actually went to shipped status around 12/21 and I am still waiting to receive my black 30GB iPod now 2.5 weeks later...


10-01-2006 06:15:59

Damn... you were approved over a month ago? that fucking sucks