efax's train offer linked to freepay??

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07-01-2006 13:02:28

Something really strange is happpening to me... when I go to yourfreeipodvideos.com and I click the efax offer it bring me to freepay ipods website!!! Has it happened to anyone else?? I want to do that damn efax offer!!


07-01-2006 13:14:33

Doesnt happen to me. IDK, maybe clear your cookies or somthing.


07-01-2006 13:32:04

hmm.. this is real strange I tried on two differents computers, I also tried clearing my cookies but nothing would work cry

Red Vs Blue KICKS

07-01-2006 13:34:00

try on a different ip


07-01-2006 13:40:07

Do you live in Canada?


07-01-2006 13:44:41

yeah im canadian.. could that have anything to do??


07-01-2006 13:58:59

Yup that's the problem. It's probably there to block us Canadians from accessing it since it is probably an US exclusive offer.

It happened to me for Earthlink


07-01-2006 14:01:01

aww ( that sucks that offer looked great!


07-01-2006 14:01:44

Haha yeah. Did you do the Galleria offer yet? $1 Trial


07-01-2006 14:08:19

Galleria? nope! gonna try that I guess!


07-01-2006 14:14:33

hmm.. maybe im retarded but I cant find any offer named galleria!


07-01-2006 15:30:12

It's a Level B offer

You can complete another offer called Lifestyles to get the full credit. BOth are $1 trials.

They're under the Level B section in the Category called Canadian Offers