2 accounts policy?

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04-01-2006 18:36:45

Does trainn have the same policy as freepay where you can have more then one account as long as the other does not have any refs or offers completed?


04-01-2006 18:40:53

I wouldn't suggest you try it....


04-01-2006 18:50:41

Why would you want to make another random account?


04-01-2006 18:51:29

Not sure, I'd send a support ticket.


04-01-2006 18:53:04

Someone I was trading with had a account there with no offers or refs, and they wanted to sign up under me.

He said he contacted trainn and they said it was ok so hopefully the trade goes smooth ).


05-01-2006 03:31:21

yes, as long as you dont do an offer it will be fine, i sent a support ticket about it when my brother signed up on my computer, they said it would be fine and i got my ipod yesterday -D!