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03-01-2006 03:27:40

Man trainn your so awesome, i just checked my tracking number and my ipod is just 30 minutes away, infact it said its near my friends house -) the estimated shipping on the tracking site is in two days but im hoping ill have it tomorrow, i mean it shouldnt take 2 days to get 30 minutes lol, ill go pick it up lol well im so excited -) thanks for all your help Alan, its pretty much the best thing thats ever happened to me


03-01-2006 16:31:59

I would have to agree. my tracking number says my 30gb black video ipod will be here tomorrow from flashipods4free.


03-01-2006 20:45:31

mine too -) now its just 5 miles away


03-01-2006 21:21:03

Wow, I'm even excited for you ) I'm doing this same site for same iPod. Be sure to take/post lots of pics! Congrats!


03-01-2006 21:46:32

i will my friend, after i do my brag bag ill drop a PM for you to inform you -D


03-01-2006 21:52:20

hey my white 60gb video is supposed to be there tomorrow from yourfreevideoipods )