A question for alan!

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30-12-2005 00:01:15

Hello, and first let me say that I am very impressed with your website! IMO it is the most "professional" and "well kept" site out there and I much rather deal with your company then any other.

Now that Im done saying that, onto the question. I signed up under flashipods4free the other night and I completed 2 "B" Offers (Simply You worth 65pts and Passport to fun worth 75pts) I had done this as a referal trade. Anywho, I noticed today that each company (simply you and passport to fun) has billed me $1 as stated when I signed up two days ago. Each day, they are deducting another dollar from me! Therefor I want to cancel the subscription ASAP but I have not gone green yet. If I cancel my subscription before I go green, will that mess up my offers? I dont want to pay a dollar each day if becuase if this takes more then a week, its not even going to be worth the trade.

I know this problem isnt your fault one bit and I know that those companies are totally different from yours and you have no part in it, but I wanted to make sure that I would still receive credit for my completed offers.

Thanks again,


30-12-2005 01:21:45

cancellation is bad, cancellation cannot be talked about here, cancellation is bad.


30-12-2005 08:07:39

In a dream world you could ask those questions.....not here tho.


30-12-2005 23:26:29

dude try the Trainn support tickets. it's been my personal experience that they rock. all of my tickets have been answered within 24 hours and some have been answered literally as if I am having an IM conversation, a few minutes after I send them. try it!


31-12-2005 02:23:46

From my experience, the answer is yes.


31-12-2005 07:28:13

My trainn support ticket was entered 2 days ago and still haven't heard anything. But in their defense, it does say within 3 business days. Hopefully they will straighten out the problem. I did freeflatscreen and freevideoipods but the credit for the offers I did both went to freeflatscreens. I'm waiting for them to correct it and give me the credit to freevideoipods which is where I did the offer through. We'll see.


31-12-2005 10:18:15

You were probably logged into both when you completed credit. I know for a fact they have issues with how their cookie crediting system works.


31-12-2005 11:10:48

ive noticed that credit problem also, got credited for the same site with like 3 offers, never got corrected....