Stuck status!!!

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29-12-2005 14:21:52

Ive been in this stuck status for two weeks now. Showing I have enough points but says I need -30 points. How do you need -30 points. Been very patient. Sent an e-mail two weeks ago and a support ticket 4 days ago. Still no response.

Please let me know!

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29-12-2005 14:29:54

We do not have any emails or support tickets open that date back to two weeks ago.

According to your signature image, you have enough points to order your item so you can visit the "Rewards" page, click on the "order" button and I don't see why there would be any problems that would prevent you from ordering.



29-12-2005 15:56:56

Thanks Alan.

May not have been exactly two weeks ago that I sent an e-mail maybe ten days.

Didnt realize I had to fill out an order form but had to wait for authorization to do such.

Thanks just ordered the Ipod. I sent a request for the black model via the contact button. Will that due to ensure I get the black one?

Thanks for your fast response.

Thank you