Just lost 2 greens!

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27-12-2005 10:08:47

I just went to check my status at yourfreevideoipods and 2 of greens are now yellow! Does anyone know whats going on? (


27-12-2005 10:13:01

well i guess they didnt fallow the terms and conditions of the site, and by breaking them they went red making them useless, sorry, i had 6 and one red im glad i had more, i didnt even know that the 6th person did it


27-12-2005 10:19:18

So those 2 guys won't screw me up right?


27-12-2005 10:20:41

well that depends on how much you have, if you only had 6 and they went red that im sorry but you will have to get more, its taking your points away


27-12-2005 10:23:52

oh but something to cheer you up, next time you request approval it wont take as long because you will only submit those 2 refferals


27-12-2005 12:00:14

thats scary, i wasn't scared at all when i sent it in for approval. I guess i didn't even know what the hell they were going to do, good luck man.


27-12-2005 12:09:00

[quote2b79392e2c="ConfusedPigeon"]I just went to check my status at yourfreevideoipods and 2 of greens are now yellow! Does anyone know whats going on? ([/quote2b79392e2c]

If they were checked before and they are now unchecked, there was a problem with their offer completion(s) (the typical cause for this are users who complete the same offer twice). As soon as they complete a unique offer, they will once again provide credit to your account.



27-12-2005 12:21:17

yeah i wasnt scared either when i submitted for approval because i trusted my refferals


27-12-2005 14:23:16

Well, I lost [b4632554472]4 Refs![/color4632554472][/size4632554472][/b4632554472]. cry Two are from A4F, one of which is a scammer, and the other I got in contact with. The other two are from here, one is a scammer, and one I'm awaiting a reply to the PM I sent today. cry


27-12-2005 15:52:37

Had one go red yesterday for me after submitting a week ago. Sux too cuz it was a friend of mine. Unfortunately hes sharing the same wireless network as I am, so they didnt credit him. Have to find someone else i suppose


28-12-2005 18:57:32

One of the guys cost me $30 and his email says it doesn't exist... I need a mod to check if he registered to this forum with that email.


28-12-2005 19:09:27

Wait...why was ConfusedPigeon banned?


28-12-2005 20:01:18

[quote6be9ebc35f="tylerc"]Wait...why was ConfusedPigeon banned?[/quote6be9ebc35f]
I think it's a temp ban, just because he started the userbar thing. Not sure though. shrug


28-12-2005 21:31:11

TSJ said in another thread he was a previously banned user.

My question is, how the hell did it take almost 200 posts for them to figure that out.


29-12-2005 21:15:01

Does anyone know who he was? It's gonna be really hard for him to finish his site now.


29-12-2005 21:21:23

Anyways, I now have enough greens again. Hopefully all goes well.


29-12-2005 21:55:53