is tickle iq instant?

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26-12-2005 10:53:41

is this offer supposed to be instant? anyone have to submit for credit?


26-12-2005 14:10:45

It was instant when I did it. I've seen it take up to a day to credit before.


26-12-2005 14:12:07

Instant when I did it. Instant when my friends did it.


26-12-2005 14:55:34

I got credit in a couple of hours


26-12-2005 16:01:48

instant for me, but my friend took a few weeks


26-12-2005 16:59:24

[quoteb09693434e="xztiger"]instant for me, but my friend took a few weeks[/quoteb09693434e]

okay, ty because its been like 2 days so i was just wondering


26-12-2005 17:15:12

4 of my friends including me did it, all instant.


30-12-2005 12:49:17

it was completly instant for me.


30-12-2005 12:55:58

sorry but wow bspence 253 yellow


30-12-2005 13:04:28

[quote1f6e28c877="fawker"]sorry but wow bspence 253 yellow[/quote1f6e28c877]

haha yes. damn things wont turn green.


01-01-2006 09:10:46

I always make sure I do my offers with popup blockers off and make all cookies accepted. I remember one time it took me a month and 6 days to get credit for this realrhapsody offer because I used a different email than the one I signed up to the site with. lol that pokemon sig is funny.


01-01-2006 12:01:35

yeah this is just blowing me because the person that did it for me was supposed to be my last green....


01-01-2006 16:31:39

How many days has it been now? If it's been over 7, tell them to request credit.


01-01-2006 17:04:10



02-01-2006 19:10:02

but first they send you e-mail for tickle iq results you sign in and buy?


02-01-2006 19:33:33

[quote7fb5a9b3a3="bullseye4u"]but first they send you e-mail for tickle iq results you sign in and buy?[/quote7fb5a9b3a3]When I did it, it gave you the option to buy the results right after you finished the test.


03-01-2006 10:52:16

I bought the results immediatly after taking the test and was credited within a few hours. The same for my family and friends that did the offer as well.

unknown uchiha

05-01-2006 23:11:14

Yes I did this for FlashiPods4Free, instant crediting =)


14-01-2006 13:14:54

It was instant for me. Not only is it fast, but it is pretty interesting.


16-01-2006 10:10:08

I'm gonna try it....but for an OC site.... so that will be the ultimate test.


16-01-2006 14:36:19

i did it for trainn's yourps34free anyways instant credit! i refreshed the page and i had credit


16-01-2006 14:39:43

well i dont know what happened w/ my friend he did it for flash and it never credited....oh well


17-01-2006 09:26:13

Well to no suprise it's not instant if you do it through a site like OC. Just did it. 'tis not instant.

arctic white was instant tho. so the issue must be with IQ. maybe have to give them a day or so before I take hostages.

well no credit yet. Isnt OC wonderful!!!!!!