Trainn-Support, Please read

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22-12-2005 21:06:23

I just read what that total idiot wrote about trainn and felt i must comment in a new thread. Trainn is by far my favourite free stuff company. to be far, I have only dealt with them and freeday decided to compare the two. I was approved in 6.5 days with trainn. freepay took 13 which is totally fine but how someone could complain that they are at 7 days is beyond me. Secondly, Trainn replied to my ticket in....LESS THAN 5 MINUTES and the response was how they would grant my less than reasonable request no problem. Trainn is also canadian friendly which freepay is only about one fifth canadian friend. In closing, I would just like to saw thank you Alan and everything on the Trainn team and I hope you guess keep them sites coming.


P.S. Im so excited to tell my friends who is giving me the best holiday gift P P P