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20-12-2005 15:04:12

I am starting this thread to see if anyone has something positive to say. I would like to mention that it is very kind of Alan to make himself available to the public for questions about policy and future developments. I would also like to say that he does not have to do this and the support tickets are for asking account questions. I seriously doubt that these forums were set up for everyone to vent their impatience.

I have had a great experience with TRAINN all of my referrals received credit and all of my support tickets and e-mails have been responded to in a timely manner. It took 14 days for approval but not one of my referrals was DQ'd. I'm still waiting for my item and expect to get it not long after Christmas. This has been my first experience with any free site and feel that it has been an excellent one. Thank you TRAINN for making this easy and patiently dealing with our questions.

NOTE If you have nothing positive to say please do not post in this thread. Also... I am not interested in arguing about the merits of your discontent. Again lets post some of the good things that TRAINN has going for them.


20-12-2005 16:05:08

I've finished all of their sites, had great experiences all around.


20-12-2005 17:09:48

I finished 3 sites ref based, 1 site point based, and have gotten over 1000 dollars from them. Amazing company D


20-12-2005 17:21:28

easy crediting for my first time experience with freebie sites..


20-12-2005 20:48:43

ALAN IS AMAZING!!!! Trainns is amazing! man, alan you have helpped me out a lot, all i have to say is thanks for your time, and help, i hope this help but your awesome, i am in the same boat as Bender im waiting to get my item sometime after Christmas, and i have to say that this is my personal fav. site, it was fast to credit and great, so good job -) you made my Christmas


20-12-2005 20:58:02

Finished two of their sites. Very reliable.


20-12-2005 21:48:31

TRAINN is a fantastic network and Alan is a great guy for coming here and essentially wearing a bullseye for all complaints.

However, I am concerned it has taken a month to get a credit issue resolved (it still isnt) and over a week and I haven't gotten a response from a PM to him.


21-12-2005 11:39:35

overall they are really good. in my experience allot of little guys are a check away from going under and im pretty sure some shady crap goes on there. as far as offer credits i bet the little guys get shat on as well so i don't think its all their fault that crediting sucks compared to the big boys.

anyways trainn is the leader in my book, i really dont know what more you could ask for. you know payment comes every week, plenty of offers to choose from, etc.

i just wish they had more sites ( i'm just waiting for flashipods4free to be approved, then i have done them all (


21-12-2005 11:56:08

Lets see....I was in processing for 1 day, that is amazing


21-12-2005 15:26:22

couple fast greens, couple of painfully slow greens. I'm approaching day 14 waiting on a credit request for Feel Serenety on yourflatscreens.

Most of the time Trainn is cool. I don't have as good of luck with Alan as everyone else here.....maybe it's just me.


23-12-2005 17:30:32

responds to support tickets either really fast or really slow. I got approved in 10 business days!


24-12-2005 05:49:56

I received my videoipod approx. 4 days after submitting the order this month, just got my paypal payment for flashipods after 3 days.


29-12-2005 10:45:42

I just received my iPod from one business day after Christmas. This is the first freebie I have recieved and I'm one referral away from finishing TRAINN has made this easy and I've had fun in the process.


29-12-2005 11:04:28

[quote81aa3351d7="Bender"]I just received my iPod from one business day after Christmas. This is the first freebie I have recieved and I'm one referral away from finishing TRAINN has made this easy and I've had fun in the process.[/quote81aa3351d7]

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