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19-12-2005 08:34:10

My estimated ship date was today the 19th and my status has not changed from received. Is this usual? because from reading posts on here everyone seems to be in at least the processing stage at this point. I ordered the 30gig video (white).


19-12-2005 12:26:26

I'm not even approved yet..... (


19-12-2005 14:49:21

Traiin seems to be pretty backlogged with the Video Ipods. My estimated shipping date was 12/8 and I am still "processing" I hope I get this bad boy before Christmas. You might have better luck because yours is white. The black ones are taking a long time for Traiin to get ahold of.


19-12-2005 19:16:38

So does the $100 paypal rule still apply?


19-12-2005 19:30:49

[quote734d2bbfbd="omgitzdave"]So does the $100 paypal rule still apply?[/quote734d2bbfbd]

what rule?


20-12-2005 08:21:26

I sent in a support ticket about being passed the estimated ship date and still in the recieved stage, and they sent me this response

[quote04e1d716a8]Your order has not yet shipped, but we expect that to occur this week. Once it has been shipped, your order status will be updated.[/quote04e1d716a8]

Looks like a little after Christmas I will be getting it. Hope this helps anyone who is waiting for a 30gig (white).


20-12-2005 08:49:56

[quotee11d06d356="omgitzdave"]So does the $100 paypal rule still apply?[/quotee11d06d356]

This only applies if it is not shipped within 15 business days of the estimated shipping date and is not backordered.