360 gift card processing times...

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brag bag

17-12-2005 00:05:20

Been in processing for a while now, and way past the EST date.

Date Nov 27, 2005
Order Status Processing
Shipping Estimate Dec 7, 2005
$450 Gift Card

anyone here know the average period of wait for these?


17-12-2005 01:58:51

be patient. send them a support ticket maybe?


17-12-2005 07:44:40

Did you tell them where you wanted a giftcard to?

brag bag

17-12-2005 11:56:02

[quote955a6a68d6="shamash"]Did you tell them where you wanted a giftcard to?[/quote955a6a68d6]

yep, best buy...


yes i sent a support ticket + PMd Allen.


17-12-2005 22:09:43

my friends been waiting for a while for her amazon one

thats an online thing tho, so i would think it would be fast like paypal / weird stuff