still waiting

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16-12-2005 20:59:12

Well i guess the little over 6 days for approval didnt work out because i sent for approval on the 8th, and so its been 9 days and 7 buisness days, i just hope i get approved soon, if anyone could help, please do, thanks for your time

Edit Ok well still nothing, could someone help? maybe tomorrow since its the weekend??


16-12-2005 21:20:45

I'm willing to bet it will be midnight tonight/early next morning.


16-12-2005 21:29:39

-) well thats reasuring thanks -) it makes me feel better, i hope


16-12-2005 23:32:16


how hard is it to just say you haven't received it instead of making a whole new topic on something we knew about already?


16-12-2005 23:54:49

Shit takes time to approve/process/stv/ship.

Just forget about. The waiting is only going to get worse until you get the package.


20-12-2005 11:11:49

edit, its has been 9 business days and 13 regular day -( help


20-12-2005 12:04:03

The funny part is going to be when you do get approved and you have to wait another month before it is shipped.


20-12-2005 12:23:51

yeah thats why i just want to get approved already