Today is my Est. Shipping day (YFVIpods)

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14-12-2005 12:25:30

...and its still on processing, How much longer should I have to wait to get shipped? The order is for a black 30gb, any input would be appreciated, thanks.


14-12-2005 12:26:58

Good luck, my estimated shipping date was 12/8 and I am not expecting it anytime soon. The black ones are taking a while.


14-12-2005 12:38:57

Not what I wanted to hear (


14-12-2005 15:18:12

i chose a white one.. shipped like 10 days after the estimate


14-12-2005 17:31:18

i got approved 12/5.. says shipping but no dice so far


14-12-2005 18:46:31

Is there any way you can change your order from a black one to a white one? I don't care about colors, I just want my ipod!

This is my first Transcendent freebie, my ship date was 12/8 as well, and my status is stuck at "pending".

I opened up a customer service inquiry, so we'll see what happens. I've only had one experience with their customer service, and they got back to me within a few hours, so hopefully I'll be able to get some info soon.

Anyone else heard back on the upcoming shipping dates for people waiting on the black 30GB?


15-12-2005 20:39:20

UPDATE Trainn responded to my support ticket, thought i'd send this along to you guys

I wrote to them....
Order #21110
My shipping Shipping Estimate was Dec 14, 2005. Could I please have my tracking number for my package so I know when to expect it. Thankyou.

They responded with.....
The shipping estimate is simply an estimate. It does not represent the approximate date that the item will ship. Your item has not yet been shipped.


16-12-2005 08:38:05

I received a response for a support ticket on this subject and this was the response

[quote31cac366f1]The 30gb Black iPods are in high demand and may take up to two additional weeks to ship.[/quote31cac366f1]

That seems reasonable to me. My estimated ship date was 12/10 but it could be as late as 12/24. No worry's as long as I get it eventually.